IoT and Smart Grid Services


At CCGroup360 we understand that implementing distributed networks,  such as IoT technologies or smart grid systems, presents challenges that  require special project management and technical skills. You need a  partner who has done this before. We provide consulting and program  management services through our team of utility and technology experts.  We tailor our service offerings to your unique business needs,  delivering projects that meet your timeline, budget, objectives, and  goals. We help you realize your vision!

Selecting  CCGroup360 gives you access to a team of subject matter experts who can  guide you in today's high-tech landscape and help by providing  best-in-class processes, procedures, and tools that assist your   business case analysis, road map development, business process  modeling, technology selection, and program delivery. Our principals and  staff have an excellent track record of turning large scale programs  into successes.

Our Program Management Office (PMO)  has established best practices and tools for program success, all  developed from years of experience serving energy and utility clients.  We work closely with you to identify, gather, and validate business  requirements; develop vendor-agnostic RFPs; and participate during  evaluation and selection processes. We take you  from initiation-to-implementation-to-benefit delivery phases of the  smart grid's life-cycle. 
We provide full range of smart grid services including:

​Program Management & Governance (PMO)

Effective  program management and governance is essential to achieve business  objectives such as real-time tracking of schedule, cost, and work  performance measurements. Our experienced team of PMI-certified  project/program managers use our proven tools, processes, and controls  required to effectively manage projects. We strive to achieve your  business objectives on time and within budget.

Vendor Selection/Management  

CCGroup360  will help you work with and manage multiple vendors. Our vendor  selection process ensures vendor products and services will  seamlessly integrate with your back end systems and applications. We  will work with you to develop SOW, SLA, SMA, etc. for selected vendors.  We also assist in quantifying business and technical requirements for  the project.

Risk Management

Using  our expertise, we can achieve timely resolutions of issues and even  proactively identify and assess these risks. We can also develop  contingency plans for  project risks. Our integrated approach toward  projects ranges from mitigating strategic risks to having a robust QA  process in place to manage outcomes. 

Business Process Optimization   

As  part of Business Process Optimization (BPO) we work with you to  align your organization's activities relating to people, process, and  technology closely with its long-term vision, business strategy, and  operational metrics.

Change Management

During  smart grid deployment program new issues/tasks are uncovered such as  workforce change requirements, meter-to-cast process improvement,  technology transformation, etc. We utilize proven change management  techniques to handle these challenges to ensure program success in this  dynamic environment.

Organizational Strategy and Performance

In  a time of ambiguity and complexity, we work closely with you to define  how organizational strategy relates to performance expectations.

Systems Integration

Utilities  need integrated end-to-end solutions to meet their unique needs. Our  utility industry experts start by understanding or defining the business  objectives and then developing a solution. This approach brings  together the various people, processes, and technology components to  achieve business goals. We help define the solution architecture  strategy and roadmap, create solution models, and deliver solutions and  software.