Our Services


Smart Grid and IoT Services

Technology today is going through unprecedented transformation, which  leads to dynamic changes in the way that utilities and businesses  operate. While companies keep sight of their business goals, they are  also looking for ways to optimize performance, increase value, and  improve the bottom line – all while minimizing risk in these complex and  evolving industries. 

We are a team of highly motivated  professionals who provide smart grid and IoT consulting in systems  integration, program management and deployment solution services. We  firmly believe that one size does NOT fit all. We take pride in offering  customized strategies that fit your business needs while keeping a  close eye on the big financial picture. Using our vast industry  experience, business acumen, and domain expertise, we provide insight to  our customers that helps achieve their objectives while maximizing  existing organizational assets including people, technology, and  processes. 


Project Management Services

 Our PMI-Certified program and project managers, each with decades of  experience, will ensure the success of your project. We have managed  customer programs in highly regulated  and unregulated industries for a  wide range of businesses from ranging from pre-IPO companies to Fortune  500 enterprises. 

Our passionate leaders work hard to help our  customers succeed. By managing projects from the beginning, our project  managers carefully plan the project, develop the baselines, and avoid  train wrecks by identifying the early signs of cost and schedule  variances. We specialize in risk identification, risk management  techniques, and distressed project recovery. We will be happy to take  over a distressed project and lead it to a successful closure.​​