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Program and Project Management, Project Risk Management, Distressed Project Recovery


Program and Project Management

The key to  successfully executing critical business initiatives is a skilled and  experienced project manager who has technical expertise in the area. A  successful project manager is an effective leader who sets clear goals  and priorities, empowers others, communicates effectively, helps meet  the milestones, manages conflicts, controls budget, and more. When  multiple projects are involved, these qualities hold true for an entire  program. The project manager plays the most critical role for business  success.

Our seasoned program managers and project  managers know that finishing projects on time and on budget is only half  the job, and that program management is much more than status reports  and Gantt charts. CCGroup360 program managers have opinions and they are  not afraid of being held accountable. We lead from the front –  working  closely with all stakeholders to bring meaningful change. Our approach  provides a clear governance framework for making decisions, coordinating  across projects, managing risk, and realizing benefits. On every  assignment, we utilize the full range of expertise to ensure that  objectives are accomplished in ways that maximize business value.  Whether we work with a project from initiation to closure, manage  change, or help a failing project recover, we leverage the expert  knowledge of the project team members on what they do best while leading  each initiative to success.

 Our PMI-certified program and  project managers have decades of progressive experience in multiple  industries ranging from smart grid, utilities, electrical power design,  and telecommunications. CCGroup360 consultants and principals possess  in-depth experience in managing all phases of projects and the  appropriate blend of practical knowledge and people skills to lead  initiatives to success. Managing projects from the beginning allows  our project managers to identify the early signs of cost and schedule  variances.

Project Risk Management

One of  the keys to the success of a project is early identification of risks  and developing the risk management strategies for the identified risks.  Each identified risk must be carefully evaluated, categorized, and  managed before it becomes an issue. The best program managers can see  beyond the horizon and they identify potential pitfalls before they  occur.

CCGroup360’s project and risk management  team is expert in identifying the risks (both positive and negative) in  the early stage. Project risks are an important part of the agenda for  weekly and monthly meetings, and quarterly reviews. We measure the  success of our projects by counting the number of risks that we  prevented from becoming issues. Our project team will review and manage  risks, issues, and actions as part of project controls on a regular  basis.

Our risk management team is trained to  perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of risks. We also develop a  risk management plan. But a risk doesn't have to be always mitigated.  After quantitative analysis, sometimes the better strategy is to accept a  risk. In either case, carefully analysis of risk is an absolute must. 
Whether  we manage your projects from the beginning or take over a distressed  project, CCGroup360’s risk management team will find the best way to  make your project a success.

Distressed Project Recovery

The  statistics regarding troubled projects are eye opening. A survey found  about 37% of projects $74M in worth fail or are at risk of failing in  every year. Recovering a troubled project is usually possible, if people  with the right skills are assigned to the project at the right time.  But this recovery requires a dedicated and skilled program or project  management team with risk management expertise and attention to details.  A project manager who has the right skills is the most important factor  for project recovery.

What causes a troubled  project? There could be several factors contributing to problems, but in  a nutshell, a project that strays outside the boundaries of the defined  scope becomes a troubled project.

So, how does  Collaborative Consulting Group 360 distinguishes itself in distressed  project recovery? We have recovered more than 12 projects in the last  five years. That experience, helped us develop tools and expertise in  this area.

Project recovery starts with identifying  the causes of project failure. Believe it or not, the 80/20 rule  applies here as well (the Pareto principle, which states that 80% of the  effects come from 20% of the causes). In many cases, we found that  correcting processes or simply leading the team correctly brings the  project back on track. In other cases, creating the right communication  tools corrects the problems.
Please feel free to contact us to  schedule a free and confidential one hour consultation session to  discuss your company’s distressed project.